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October 2014: Subway nutrition facts can be downloaded below.

As far as nutrition is concerned, Subway is simply the best. Subway has the unique honor of being the first fast food chain to receive the “heart check” award from the American Heart Association. No need for a calorie counter or nutrition calculator when you walk into one of these heart-healthy stores. The nutritional facts are posted everywhere, and as long as you don’t pile on the mayo and sauces, you can have a satisfying meal that is low on calories and high on taste.


Subway’s mainstay is, of course, the basic submarine sandwich. What makes the company unique, besides its’ commitment to quality and wholesome choices, is the fact that every sandwich is made to order on freshly baked bread. Bread choices include 9-grain, Italian, Italian Herbs & Cheese and 9-Grain Honey Oat. Toppings available to add to any sandwich may include cucumbers, pickles, olives, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, avocado and various peppers. These low calorie toppings can be piled on as high as you please, adding flavor and nutritional value without the extra fat (or the guilt).

While the customer can build their favorite sandwich from the ground up, most people start with a basic sub (usually identified by the type of meat: ham, roast beef, chicken, cold cuts, meatballs, steak, turkey or tuna). They choose the type of bread they prefer, then comes the cheese, the toppings, and the condiments. Any sandwich can be hot or cold, although the Meatball Marinara and Big Philly Cheese steak are obviously toasted subs. For the calorie-conscious, Subway offers a selection of “Fresh Fit Choices” subs (each less than 400 calories) and a tasty assortment of salads (each having less than 6 grams of fat). Hungry patrons can start their day at Subway with a choice of flatbread sandwiches. Ranging from 170 to 190 calories, each sandwich contains protein in the form of egg (or egg white) and cheese, then perhaps bacon or ham. No need for a nutrition calculator here: these are good and yummy breakfast sandwiches.


There are a number of not-quite-so-healthy subs and salads that can be found and Subway, but when the nutritional choices taste so good, you can afford to indulge without blowing your diet. You could even go for a foot-long and not feel the pinch in your wallet. Or your waist.

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