Subway Menu Prices

When looking at Subway’s menu prices, the consumer has a lot of purchasing options. Of course, what you pay tends to depend on what you order – and what you add to the sandwich. The Subway Menu has a number of different options, with sandwich choices – tailored to fit your budget. These sandwiches vary in price from around $5.50 for a six inch sub to as high as $8.75 for a foot long, again, depending on the sandwich. Of course, the price goes up if you decide to add double meat.

Subway also as a Fresh Fit menu, with lower calorie counts and a lower cost. Most of these sandwiches cost about $1 less per sandwich than the regular menu items. On the Fresh Fit menu, the 6 inch sandwich costs about $4.25, with the foot long costing around $6.25. Some sandwiches have a higher price tag, depending on the ingredients.

Subway Menu Prices
Subway Menu Prices

One of the new Subway menu features is the “Simple 6 Menu”, which is an offering of a limited choice of sandwich, a drink and a bag of chips for a set price. And hungry patrons can start their day at Subway with a choice of several flatbread sandwiches. Each sandwich contains protein in the form of egg (or egg white) and cheese, then perhaps bacon or ham. Subway Menu Prices range from $6.50 for the foot long breakfast sandwich, and $4.50 for the six-inch. No need for a nutrition calculator here: these are good and yummy breakfast sandwiches.

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Subway Menu Prices

Subway Footlongs menu prices
Pizza Sub with CheeseFootlong$7,14
Roast BeefFootlong$10,02
Spicy ItalianFootlong$7,14
Steak & CheeseFootlong$10,02
Subway ClubFootlong$10,02
Subway Seafood SensationFootlong$8,74
Sweet Onion Chicken TeriyakiFootlong$10,02
Turkey BreastFootlong$8,74
Turkey Breast & Black Forest HamFootlong$8,74
Turkey Italiano MeltFootlong$8,74
Veggie DeliteFootlong$7,14
Veggie PattyFootlong$8,74
Black Forest HamFootlong$7,14
Chicken & Bacon Ranch MeltFootlong$10,02
Chipotle Chicken Melt with GuacamoleFootlong$11,30
Cold Cut ComboFootlong$7,14
Italian B.M.T.Footlong$8,74
Meatball MarinaraFootlong$7,14
Mediterranean ChickenFootlong$10,02
Mediterranean SteakFootlong$10,02
Oven Roasted ChickenFootlong$8,74
Make It A Meal – 21 oz. Fountain Drink & Side$3,30
Subway 6-inch prices
Black Forest Ham6-inch$4,90
Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt6-inch$6,18
Chipotle Chicken Melt with Guacamole6-inch$6,82
Cold Cut Combo6-inch$4,90
Italian B.M.T.6-inch$5,54
Meatball Marinara6-inch$4,90
Mediterranean Chicken6-inch$6,18
Mediterranean Steak6-inch$6,18
Oven Roasted Chicken6-inch$5,54
Pizza Sub with Cheese6-inch$4,90
Roast Beef6-inch$6,18
Spicy Italian6-inch$4,90
Steak & Cheese6-inch$6,18
Subway Club6-inch$6,18
Subway Seafood Sensation6-inch$5,54
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki6-inch$6,18
Turkey Breast6-inch$5,54
Turkey Breast & Black Forest Ham6-inch$5,54
Turkey Italiano Melt6-inch$5,54
Veggie Delite6-inch$4,90
Veggie Patty6-inch$5,54
Make It A Meal – 21 oz. Fountain Drink & Side$3,30
Subway Salads menu prices
Black Forest Ham$7,78
Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt$7,78
Chipotle Chicken with Guacamole$9,70
Cold Cut Combo$7,78
Double Chicken$9,70
Italian B.M.T.$7,78
Meatball Marinara$7,78
Mediterranean Chicken$7,78
Mediterranean Steak$7,78
Oven Roasted Chicken$7,78
Roast Beef$7,78
Spicy Italian$7,78
Steak & Cheese$7,78
Subway Club$7,78
Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki$7,78
Turkey Breast$7,78
Turkey Breast & Black Forest Ham$7,78
Turkey Italiano$7,78
Subway Veggie Delite prices$6,50
Apple SlicesBag$2,02
Subway Drinks menu prices
Coffee16 oz.$2,02
Fountain Soft Drink21 oz.$2,15
Fountain Soft Drink30 oz.$2,40
1% MilkBottle$2,15
Dasani WaterBottle$2,40
Minute Maid JuiceBottle$2,40
Subway Kids meal menu item prices
Black Forest Ham, Roast Beef, Turkey Breast or Veggie Delite Subs
Kids Meal$5,86
Subway Breakfast menu prices
Bacon, Egg & Cheese6-inch Flatbread or Subs$4,58
Bacon, Egg & Cheese12-inch Flatbread or Subs$7,14
Steak, Egg & Cheese6-inch Flatbread or Subs$4,58
Steak, Egg & Cheese12-inch Flatbread or Subs$7,14
Add Avocado6-inch$1,06
Add Avocado12-inch$2,02
Black Forrest Ham, Egg & Cheese6-inch Flatbread or Subs$4,58
Black Forrest Ham, Egg & Cheese12-inch Flatbread or Subs$7,14
Egg & Cheese Omelet6-inch Flatbread or Subs$4,58
Egg & Cheese Omelet12-inch Flatbread or Subs$7,14
Hash Browns$1,51
Subway Extras prices
BaconSalad or 6-inch$1,06
PepperoniSalad or 6-inch$1,06
AvocadoSalad or 6-inch$1,06
Double MeatSalad or 6-inch$2,02
Double MeatFootlong$3,94
Extra CheeseSalad or 6-inch$0,48
Extra CheeseFootlong$0,87

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