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October 2014: Wendys nutrition facts can be downloaded below.

Wendy’s is a late-comer to the Fast Food industry. Started in 1969 in Columbus Ohio by Dave Thomas, Wendy’s was, from the beginning, dedicated to nutrition and fresh, quality ingredients. Dave’s vision was for made-to-order hamburgers made with premium ingredients. Wendy’s proudly shares their nutrition information in a nutrition pdf that is unique amongst its competitors: the pdf also shows allergen information. This added service gives the consumer peace of mind, and allows concerned customers (especially parents) the ability to make safe, informed food choices. Wendy’s even breaks their sandwich and salad production down into component parts, sharing even more information with their customers. This pro-active and consumer- centric approach certainly goes above and beyond the industry norm of sharing only essential nutritional information.


Wendy’s menu items contain the usual hamburgers, salads and tasty fries, but it should be noted that all of these items are made to order, with fresh ingredients. While the Dave’s Hot and Juicy ¾ Pound Triple burger cannot be thought of as being a good low-calorie choice (1090 calories, 29 grams of fat) at least the ingredients are farm-fresh, and the meat is not frozen. The Value Burgers (Junior Bacon Cheeseburger, Junior Cheeseburger, Junior Hamburger) all have the same ingredients, and are less than 400 calories. With the exception of the BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad (580 Calories, 29 grams of fat) the Wendy’s salads are very good indeed: high protein, low calories, low fat. Wendy’s also offers some very good lunch items that will fill you up without filling you out, including chili, and baked potatoes (which are fine unless they are smothered with cheese and butter).

Parents will be pleased with the Wendy’s Kids Meals with offer nutritionally balance choices (milk or apple juice instead of a soft drink) and low fat, burgers or chicken wraps. And, since the meals are made-to-order, a lot of tears, screaming and seat kicking can be avoided by being able to tell the cashier to leave off the mustard, but add extra pickles to your little one’s burger.

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