Where Does America Like to Eat

Every time you and your family and friends head out to your favorite fast food joint, have you wondered which are the most popular joints out there? What is the food your compatriots enjoy and are you a part of the herd or do you like to do something no one else does? We have for you a list of the most popular chain of restaurants that are frequented by most Americans.

McDonalds favorite

mcdonalds nutritionThe top of the list is made by McDonald’s. Close to a 50% of Americans love to eat here. Seems like the massive amount they spend on advertising really pays off because they reported sales of an astonishing $18.2 billion in 2014. You might get to see a lot more from the chain because news has it that they are experimenting with different kinds of delivery services to take the dining at McDonald’s experience to the next level. Starting in May 2015 in Germany, they have this new concept where customers can place their orders at a digital kiosk or with a server by way of a tablet menu. And they can served at their table. You could also look forward to customized burgers and a whole new restaurant brand in the future.


subway menu pricesAmerican like to eat healthy too, with almost 40% of them eating at Subway. Delicious sandwiches, packed with wholesome, nutritious salads and meats, they are healthiest options out there. And this fact has been substantiated by the American Heart Association. So, if you like eating at Subway, you’re in esteemed company.


But where does America like to go for coffee? It’s Starbucks of course. Almost a third of Americans stop over at a Starbucks outlet for their morning coffee and since the restaurant chain also offers breakfast options like muffins, and scones that are a perfect match for their awesome coffee, perhaps that’s where you’ll find lots of customers at opening hours. Did we mention? They also have a selection of healthy oatmeal dishes and also yogurt and fruit offerings.


Pizza Hut Menu PricesFeeling like a pizza? So which is the most popular chain of pizza restaurants in America today. Any guesses? Pizza Hut!! Pizza, pasta, wings, a bunch of interesting sides and great drinks to wash it down with. American adore Pizza Hut with their buffet lunch option while Domino’s follows close behind. Papa John’s, and Little Caesar’s also make the list of top 5..


Dunkin' Donuts Menu PricesIf Americans are looking for the perfect coffee and donut treat, where would they head? Dunkin’ Donuts it is. Another great chain for breakfast, you will love their danishes, donuts, muffins, croissants, bagels and other bakery all-time favorites. And last but certainly not the least. Let’s talk about the best stops for burgers. Its Kentucky Fried Chicken and Burger King, hands down. The opening hours at Burger Kings is 6:00AM everyday of the week and it you’re looking for some great happy hour deals, drop in any day of the week from 2:00PM to 5:00PM. Or check the awesome secret menus at KFC’s.


So, where will you be eating today??


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