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Looking for a very, very, large with extra toppings and goodies, kind of hearty meal? The kind you could down like you haven’t eaten in a month? We’ve got some awesome suggestions for you. Check out the huge burgers at McDonald’s or Burger Kings and you’ll know what we’re talking about. But, these whoppers are on their secret menus. So, you’re going to have to ask the chefs to make them especially for you.


McDonald’s Monster Mac

McDonalds Secret Menu - Monster Mac
Monster Mac

Be prepared to become the star of the restaurant when you announce, “Mmmm…I’ll take the Monster Mac!!” This ‘monster’ is going to raise a lot of eyebrows and kids are going to watch you with fascination as you tackle this Mac. Why? It has a shocking stack of EIGHT patties in a single burger. Chances are, no one has really seen someone successfully do justice to this monstrosity. You might just make it to their Hall of Fame. Or, order it just to brag about having had it to your friends. Want to add to the challenge? Request for slices of cheese to go into it. Only, remember, it belongs in the McDonald’s secret menu.


Burger King Suicide Burger

burger-king-secret-menu: the suicide burger
Suicide Burger

If the McDonald’s Monster Mac has whetted your appetite for living dangerously, maybe, your next idea should be to try the Suicide Burger at Burger King. Does it match up to the Monster Mac? Check and see for yourself. You will be pitching your appetite against two sesame seed buns, and FOUR beef patties that give it, its other name, the “Quad Stacker.” Hang on! There’s more. You also get four slices of cheese, bacon and a special sauce. This one could also earn you the “Diner of the Month” award if you can down it all by yourself. Once again, a heads-up. You’ll have to order it off the Burger King secret menu.


McDonald’s Land, Sea and Air Burger

Land, Sea, and Air Burger - mcdonalds secret menu
Land, Sea, and Air Burger

We have one more really interesting challenge. If you think you’re up to it, walk into McDonald’s and ask for the Land, Sea and Air Burger off the secret menu. Nope, this has nothing to do with SEALs. What it does include is a kind of meat from all, avian, terrestrial and marine sources. So, you have a beef patty, fish and chicken all packed into a sesame burger complete with an additional bun in the center. Ask for the customary cheese slices to be added and you have a burger that is going to test just how wide your jaw can drop. A disclaimer. You might have to take the rest of the day off if you had it for lunch because there’s no way you can move after winning the dare with this one.


Well, there’s a reason why they’re not on the regular McDonalds Menu and BK Menu.


Don’t believe us? Go on check for yourself. Order and see. And just enjoy the experience of carrying out some of the biggest burgers in the history of fast food.



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