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What day do kids eat free at TGI Fridays?

At TGI Fridays you can save money on family dinner. Do you want to know what TGI restaurants have a ‘kids eat free’ offer today? At TGI Fridays kids get a free meal on different days, but Mondays and Tuesday are the most common days. Make sure to check with your local TGI Fridays location before you head out for your free kids meal! If you order a full price meal as an adult, you get the kids meal for free if your kid is no older than 10 years old.

What is there to eat at TGI Fridays?

We have highlighted the kids menu items at TGI Fridays. Apart from chicken and burgers, TGI also offers vegetarian food for kids. Below you’ll find an overview of the meals on the kids menu.

Kids Chicken fingers: strips of chicken breasts are battered and then fried to a crisp and delicious end. They are served with Friday fries and salad with cherry tomatoes, cucumber and a side of honey mustard. The price for this little delicious meal is $5.59 and contains 500 calories.

Kids Macaroni & Cheese: Macaroni and Cheese, this is an all time favorite that your kid will just love. Total calories of this dish are 440 kcal and the price is $5.49

Kids Marinara Pasta: TGI offers different types of pasta for the kids. This meal contains of corralini pasta and is served with marinara sauce for $5.49

Kids Fettuccine Alfredo Pasta:This pasta dish for kids is served with a parmesan (cheese) topic. With only 350 kcal you don’t need to worry that your kid will exceed the maximum allowed calories per day, just as the other meals this dish is $5.49

Kids Sliders: this meal comes with two mini burgers with melted cheddar cheese. The burgers are served with the Friday fries and salad with a side of honey mustard. If you’re not ordering an adult meal, the price for this kids meal is $5.49; with 550 calories this meal has the most calories compared to the other kids meals.

Kids Buttered Pasta: Just like the Fettuccini Alfredo, this kids meal is served with parmesan cheese. Total calories are limited to 350 for a kids portion.

The Kiddie Sundae– the sundae available is vanilla ice cream. It is topped with hot chocolate and caramel sauce, whipped cream and pecan pieces to ensure that your kid really enjoys it to the fullest.

Kiddie Ice Cream– this is two scoops of ice cream, with either chocolate or caramel sauce toppings.

TGI Friday Kid’s Menu Prices

The TGI Friday kid’s menu is an ideal kids menu because it keeps the calorie intake below the 600 calories level. This way you don’t have to worry that your kids are getting too much calories. Check out our full list with healthy kids meals. The prices for the TGI restaurants vary but usually all the kid’s menu items are between $3.99 and $5.99 without any meal going beyond that. This means they are priced fairly compared to other restaurants that offer kid-sized meals.

TGI Friday restaurants have great deals for adults too. The TGI adult menu also includes bar food which is good for people who want to snack on something as they enjoy drinks at the bar. The staff is inviting and provides you with the best service.

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