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If you’re looking for a free meal for your kids at Ruby Tuesday, you should visit one of the participating locations on a Tuesday. The kids eat free offer is only valid if there is an accompanying adult that purchases an entrée meal. There are 55 ingredients at the endless garden bar that you can add to the kids menu for only $1.99.

If you’re planning to take your kids to Ruby Tuesday there might be a few questions you have:

Does Ruby Tuesday have a kids menu?

Ruby Tuesday has a kids menu with several healthy and low calorie items that are suitable for kids. You can check out our kids menu highlights below for additional information on nutrition, fat and calories.

What kind of food does Ruby Tuesday’s have?

Ruby Tuesday has different healthy, tasty and nutritious items that your kids will love. We have highlighted a few kids menu items below, for a complete overview of all dishes on the menu you can check our Ruby Tuesday’s menu price.

Ruby Kid’s Menu

The Kid’s menu at Ruby contains many major entrees which are also available in the adult menu. Here is what the kid’s menu looks like;

Grilled Chicken– served with any side dish of choice and liquid margarine. Grilled chicken breasts are soft and flavorful and will really keep your kids full and happy. Each serving provides only 191 calories and is high in protein.

Mac N Cheese– this is another kid’s favorite at Ruby Tuesdays. Each serving provides 408 calories which is ideal for kids.

Cheese Pizza– kids will always love pizza and at Ruby’s they can enjoy cheese pizza. This serving provides 470 calories.

Mini Burgers with Cheese– they are served with a side of choice. The burger is made of a sweet mini potato bun with a mini hamburger patty that is delicious and full of flavor. There is garlic salt, garlic, and salt and pepper seasoning with a slice of NY cheddar cheese.

Pasta– the pasta on the kids menu is available in two options either the Tomato-Basil pasta or the Buttery pasta. The two options also have the gluten free Penne alternative for those who do not want gluten for their children.

Crispy Popcorn Shrimp– it is served with a side of choice. This dish consists of delicious breaded popcorn shrimp with garlic salt seasoning. Each serving provides 471 calories.

Classic Corn Dogs– the corn dogs are often served with a side dish of choice for the kids.

Hand Breaded Chicken Tenders– kids love having their chicken tenders here. They are crispy and sweet. The tenders are served with honey mustard dressing and a side dish of choice.

The side dishes on the kid’s menu include French fries, broccoli, fresh grilled zucchini, fresh green beans, mashed potatoes, apples and grapes. For the drinks your kids can enjoy the bottomless lemonade of strawberry, raspberry or wild berry flavors, fruit punch or milk. For sweets they have the strawberry or chocolate kids sundae.

Ruby Kids Menu Prices

On the regular days, here is what the menu prices look like at Ruby Restaurants.

Grilled Chicken – $4.99

Mac N Cheese – $4.99

Create your own garden bar – $3.99

Mini Burgers with Cheese – $4.99

Pasta – $3.99

Crispy popcorn shrimp – $4.99

Classic Corn Dogs – $4.99

Hand Breaded chicken tenders – $4.99

Beverages – $1.29

Kid’s Sundae – $2.99

Ruby Tuesdays kids eat free offers are a great way for you to save money every week while eating out. Ruby’s restaurants also have kids eat free offers during holidays so it is best to be on the lookout for such offers.

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