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Tuesday tends to be a day where the big special offers come out of nowhere. It’s too far away from the weekend and too close to the start of the week. This tends to be the no man’s land of the restaurant business, which makes Tuesday the perfect night for a family night to enjoy Tuesday kid’s specials.

For you the consumer, it’s the best possible scenario. You can take advantage of amazing offers, such as kids prices, throughout this part of the week. If you want your kids to eat free on Tuesday, you have lots of options to choose from.

We’ve compiled all the great offers on this page, so you can choose from the best ones.

But before we introduce you to good places for kids to eat, we’re going to introduce you to the secrets and pitfalls of handling those great offers.

Call Ahead to Avoid Getting Stuck with the Bill

This is the number one piece of advice for anyone who wants to find restaurants where kids eat free on Tuesdays. Restaurants are notorious for changing their offers at short notice.

And there’s nothing wrong with them doing this. They’re well within their rights to switch things up, even at the very last minute. For example, if too many people are using the promotion they may bring it to a halt prematurely.

Always call ahead to make sure that the specific offer for kids to eat free on Tuesday is still valid, as well as to confirm any terms and conditions that come with it.

At iHop kids eat free on ALL days of the week, so better check the iHop menu prices here.

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What Do You Need to Look Out for with an Offer?

Thankfully, the majority of offers that tell you how to eat for free are going to have similar terms and conditions. In this section, we’re going to look at the things you need to be aware of regarding Tuesday kid’s specials.

Most promotions are only available at certain branches. Restaurants do this because they want to get people into certain branches, such as in the case of grand openings.

Make sure that you go to a participating location and call that participating location first about their offers for Tuesday night kids to eat free. Typically, these offers are designed for people who want to dine inside and have fun food for kid’s dinner.

Another point to consider is time restrictions. Most offers won’t be aimed at peak hours when most people are going to come in to eat anyway. Like with bars, they’ll be aimed at the quiet hours. So, if you want the offer you should be willing to eat out at odd hours.

Also, you should remember that most restaurants will have a special menu for children. If an offer is aimed at children, it will only be available for items on these menus. Otherwise, adults would simply order the most expensive thing on the menu and get it for free.

Finally, the definition of what a child is mostly revolves around them being 12 or under. So, teenagers likely won’t qualify for these special kids’ prices.

Just keep in mind that some restaurants may have even tighter age restrictions.

Do You Really Want that Offer?

Smart shoppers always take the offers they want. You may be confused by this, but it’s quite simple. Some people will see an offer and buy something purely because it’s such an incredible deal.

But if you were never going to buy that item, you’re not actually saving any money. You’re being convinced to spend something you never wanted to in the first place. That’s the retail trick so many people fall for.

We recommend looking at the offers on this page with an idea in mind of what you want to find an offer on. Match the offer to what you want not the other way around. You can review the Taco Bell Menu Prices here as kids eat free on Tuesday at Taco Bell.

Have You Seen an Incredible Offer in Your Area?

We try our best to get all possible restaurants where kids eat free on Tuesday, but it’s not always easy. If you’ve found some great offers where Tuesday kids eat free at good places for kids to eat, send them to us.

We keep this page updated with places kids eat free on Tuesday, but we need your help. So, send us some of the offers you’ve seen in person and we’ll check them out.

So, if you know where do kids eat free on Tuesday nights, share this and get in touch with us!

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