Fast Food Chains Do Care About America’s Health

If you were always under the impression that fast food is bad for you, think again. Studies have shown that most fast food chains across America, do have offerings of healthy food and they are making efforts to use ingredients that will care for their customers’ hearts and waistlines. And on your part, you could make the effort to eat healthy and choose options off the menu that can do you good. We get it. Not everyone has the time to cook at home and when it’s meal time, and you’re really hungry, the last thing on your mind is cooking. But try and choose items that pack good health and lower the damage. Then again, most chains also offer you information on the number of calories per offering that can also help you make some great choices. Here’s how–

Atlanta Bread

Atlanta Bread menuThis chain has a lot of interesting options that are made with whole wheat, freshly baked and really easy on the calories. They have this collection of wholesome soups and salads that so filling at the same time. The black bean and corn salad is only of their very nutritious offerings that are also packed with great taste. Also try their paninis, pizzas, sandwiches and pastas. Or try their whole grain oatmeal topped with strawberries, dried cranberries or walnuts. A great breakfast choice!!

Au Bon Pain

Au Bon Pain menuThe Au Bon Pain chain has shown that you don’t have to compromise on taste to eat nutritious food. When you walk into one of the outlets, make a quick stop at their computer booth and check for the calories in each item on the menu before making your choice. You could also opt for hearty portion sizes or smaller ones. Looking to cut down on your salt intake? Opt for the low-sodium range. Concerned about the meat? They have organic chicken.

Corner Bakery Cafe

Corner Bakery CafeThis cafe could be serving you some of the healthiest of breakfast fare. Choose from their selection of fresh, whole wheat muffins and bagels, served with your favorite toppings. Throw in some egg white scrambles and fresh fruit, and you could have the best start to your day. Also try the chilled muesli, Continental style packed with the goodness of lite yogurt, rolled oats, and skim milk served with fruits and nuts. Absolutely delightful!!


Chipotle Menu PricesWhen you step into a Chipotle restaurant to order food, you can be assured of the freshest of ingredients cooked with locally sourced produce, organically raised animals without hormones and antibiotics and a keen respect for the environment. All these efforts can only contribute to wholesome, healthful food that is packed with goodness. You could never go wrong with an order from Chipotle. Choose from tacos, bowls, burritos, soups, salads and so much more, all prepared by hand.

Einstein Bros’ Bagels

Einstein Bros’ Bagels menuDid you know that the basic bagel can’t do you much harm considering it can only cost you about 260 calories? The problem is the cream cheese and other toppings you opt for. What if you could substitute them for low calorie options that still tasted great? That’s what you’ll find here along with egg white sandwiches, yogurt parfaits and a collection of vegetarian choices. Now that’s smart!! isn’t it?

Jason’s Deli

Jason’s Deli menuThis chain has managed to eliminate artificial trans fats and high fructose corn syrup from their list of ingredients. What’s more, they also have options for customers looking to avoid gluten-containing foods or those looking to avoid meat completely. Weight conscious people looking for a filling lunch can look for options like the Amy’s Turkey-O sandwich that has a whole wheat enriched, bun base, greens and turkey that will together cost you just about 480 calories. Or simply choose the salad and soup lunch.


mcdonalds nutritionThink McDonald’s and you can look at healthy ingredients with no preservatives, artificial coloring or flavoring. And when you walk into one of their outlets, you can be sure of a lot more than burgers on the menu. Take your pick from their collection of salads, grilled wraps and sides like apple slices, strawberry yogurt, and yogurt parfait among others. Want to avoid unhealthy sodas? Why not opt for low-calorie milk, fruit juices or iced tea? If you think you can’t survive without the fries, go for the small order.

Noodles and Company
Noodles and Company menuYou might think of it as a typical Asian food chain with lots of oily food. Well, it’s not! Not only do they use soybean oil for sauteing but the meats they use are all organic. You also have a selection of Mediterranean, American and of course, Asian fare. Choose from 6 sandwiches that have a fat content ranging from 380 to 110 calories. Or from their soups and salads. You could also order regular or small-sized portions.

Panera Bread

panera bread menu pricesLooking for a great energy-packed breakfast? Try the Avocado, Egg White & Spinach Breakfast Power Sandwich made with a bagel crafted out of the healthy grains and enriched with additives. Or you could go for the Power Almond Quinoa Oatmeal and finish off with a Summer Fruit Cup. There’s also the Steel-cut Oatmeal with different toppings, depending on what you feel like this morning. If you need more protein, there’s the Ham, Egg & Cheese on Whole Grain sandwich, and many more.

Taco Del Mar

Taco Del Mar menuIf you love Mexican food and eating healthy, you’re going to love this combination. Not only can you have whole wheat tortillas but you will be happy to know that lard is off the list of ingredients. And the tacos and fish you order are baked, not fried. Vegetarians and vegans can also find an interesting selection on their menu.

In this blog, we have listed for you some of the great restaurant chains that serve you wholesome, nutritious, healthy food. But, if any of these options are not anywhere near you, you can always check the calorie content in the dishes in the nearest restaurant. Or opt for a vegetarian or baked meal. Eating healthy is a choice and you have to make it.

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