Secret Menus at Sonics, No Longer a Secret

Almost every chain of restaurants has a secret menu, a list of offerings that are not on their regular menu but ones that they are happy to make for you, that is, of course, if they have the required ingredients and the chefs know about the dishes you order. In this blog, we’re going to be telling you about the special items you can order at Sonics. Use our tips and you will be delighted at the treasure trove of taste you can uncover.


Oklahomans and fans of Sonics have always known about the secret items and some of the most common ones are of course, the specially made-to-order burgers where you can choose what goes into yours, the whimsical Pickle-Os and also the Sonic Sunrise with flavors of orange juice and cherry limeade or Purple Sprite made with lemonade, cranberry juice, Sprite and Powerade. There are a few more that you absolutely must order the next time you stop at Sonic’s.


Secret Sonic Chilled Drinks

Along with your made-to-order burgers, you could also order from their selection of special iced drinks like the delicious Pink Flamingo that has pineapple, orange and cherry flavoring in Sprite, perfect for a hot summer’s day. There is one more that you could try but you might not want to order one if you’ve got a little kid with you. Because, having to handle a question like, “What is an ___ ?” could be a little difficult. But if you’re with a group of adults, try the Dr. Pepper Orgasm that packs quite a punch with Dr. Pepper, lemonade and Powerade.


Secret Sonic Chili-Cheese Tots

Sonic Chili Cheese TorsYou must have noticed the chili-cheese tots on the regular menu that come with tots, chili and as the name suggests, cheese. But this time, instead order Extreme Tots or maybe, Fries. They’ll serve it to you in a paper, footlong boat and the tots will have the typical chili and cheese toppings but also jalapenos, onions and a ranch dressing. Mouthwatering, huh?


Secret Sonic Frito Pies

Sonic Frito PiesSoutherners are probably familiar with this one. What you get is delectable heap of Fritos, drowning in chili and nacho cheese. Unbelievably awesome, it tastes absolutely divine with a tall glass of the Dr. Pepper Orgasm.


Secret Sonic Grilled Ham & Cheese

You’ve probably ordered a typical grilled cheese sandwich very often but this time ask for the Grilled Ham & Cheese. The slices of ham that they place in the sandwich, not only add to the protein value but also makes it taste so scrumptious, there’s no way you’ll ever be able to eat a regular grilled cheese again. Think of the melted cheese sliding down your throat with yummy slices of ham!! Have you headed out the door yet?


Now that you have this unbelievable list of options, the next time to drop in at Sonics, ignore the regular Sonic menu and ask for the Sonic Secret items. Surprise your friends with the goodies and when they ask you, “How did you know?” remember this space. We have a lot more coming u oso keep in touch!! Want to save some money as well? Try the Sonic Happy Hour Menu and save some dollars!


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