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Over the past 10-15 years, Subway has quietly built itself up from a strong chain of sandwich shops to the biggest juggernaut in the fast food world. Several years back, it overtook McDonalds as the chain with the most locations on the globe, which seemed to come out of nowhere for most people. Subway has taken a different route to the top of the fast food industry – by focusing on healthy options. No one can forget their extensive “Jared” campaigns which touted the health and weight-loss benefits of a Subway diet. Along the way they carved out a niche in the market for healthy options in addition to the more regular customer looking for something more than just “health food.” Subway seems to have benefitted greatly from the current trend in healthy eating that has resurged in the past 5-10 years.



Subway Chicken SandwichSubway’s marketing

The company’s current marketing campaign is an undeniable success – highlighting Subway’s Menu Prices with the “5-Dollar Foot long” deal. What started out as a limited promotion turned into a staple on their menu and people have continued to flock to their locations. Subway’s menu is an excellent balance of healthy options, customizability, and more decadent options to choose from. This format along with competitive pricing has been a winning combination for the chain and it keeps people coming back for more. By offering customers the option to customize their sandwiches in whichever way they like, it gives the customer control that they enjoy.


Subway remains an excellent bargain eating experience because it offers what most of the other fast food giants simply do not: healthy eating. Granted, by eating in moderation and choosing the healthiest foods at any restaurant will result in healthy eating, Subway’s Menu Prices have a wide variety of options to choose from. The chain has also jumped into expanding their menu into a popular market, creating the Subway Breakfast Menu. This has opened their doors earlier and allowed customers to enjoy their healthy options for an extra meal in their day. Mornings are often a time when people run late or find themselves in a rush, and now they are happy to be able to find a quick, healthy meal to keep them going ’til lunchtime. By expanding their menu and offering reasonable prices, Subway found themselves at the top of the fast food restaurant pyramid.