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Burger King Kids mealsWhen it comes to feeding our children – we do our best to ensure they eat healthy, nutritious foods for their growing bodies. We try and limit fats, sugars, and empty calories that may slow them down or result in unhealthy eating habits. At the same time, parenting is a full-time job that requires corners be cut every once in awhile. Sometimes there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to prepare a home-cooked meal, which is when we find ourselves making the quick stop at a fast food joint for a bite to eat. One chain that is cognizant of these everyday situations in life is Burger King. Taking a look at the Burger King Kid’s Meal, it is simple and to-the-point, offering a few healthy options along with other BK staples to satisfy our kid’s appetites.


Burger King Kids Meals Prices

Kids Meal CheeseburgersBurger King’s Specials for kids look a bit different than the adult version of the menu. Where the regular menu has a wide variety of sizes, sandwiches, and sides, the kid’s meals are a bit simpler. The main options on the kids menu are a hamburger, cheeseburger, and chicken nuggets. What separates these meals from the regular menu is that instead of a side of fries, the kids meals come with a side of apple slices. This adds a healthy component to the BK nutrition value to go along with the main portion of the meal instead of greasy, fattening French fries. The meals also come with a drink of your choice, which you can control how healthy you’d like the meal to be – as you can choose from milk, water, or various soft drinks. For kids breakfast meals the BK is the place to be.


In addition to these BK Kids Meal options, there are other options like oatmeal, French fries, and dessert options. These items are all staples that kids are accustomed to and anticipate when they stop at BK. Not to mention, the Burger King Kids Menu Prices are more than reasonable when the need to cut corners arises. While not every item on the Burger King Kids Meal menu might be as healthy as a home-cooked meal or trip to the produce section, but it is a satisfying treat for your children that you can ultimately customize and control. Health concerns for ourselves and our children are hot issues in America right now and Burger King is trying to do their part – it’s up to us to do ours as well.