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When you think of fast food and processed junk food, you might think that the US has the corner on the market. While fast food in America is hugely prevalent, Americans aren’t the only ones eating a lot of junk food on a regular basis. In fact, you might be surprised to find out that some of the countries we think of as the “healthiest” in the world are also on the top-10 list for fast food consumption in the world. Those countries include:

  1. United States

Unsurprisingly, fast food in America is consumed more than anywhere else in the world, and burgers make up 50% of all fast food consumed in the United States. That number may change over the next few years as more and more chains offer healthier options.


  1. France

France is known for its incredible gourmet cuisine, but over half of the revenue from all restaurants in the country goes to places that serve pizza, burgers, and other junk food.

  1. Canada

McDonald’s and Subway are the two big names in Canadian fast food, and fast food sales make up 25% of all restaurant revenue in Canada.


  1. United Kingdom

The fast food industry in the United Kingdom is hugely successful, but it might be forced to become healthier, as fast food restaurants like Burger King, KFC, and McDonald’s have all registered with the Public Health Responsibility Deal with the UK government.


  1. South Korea

Economic uncertainty in South Korea has resulted in people looking for cheaper ways to eat. When we wonder, “Why do people eat fast food?” the low cost is a big factor all over the world, but especially in countries in recession.


  1. Japan

After the 2011 earthquake, a lot of Japanese people have been looking for ways to eat without using a lot of energy at home. The fast food industry has thrived in Japan in the last three years.


  1. Austria

An economic crisis in 2008 resulted in a lot of growth for the fast food industry in Austria.


  1. Germany

McDonald’s and Burger King have been seeing a lot more business in Germany, but not because of their junk food options. Their healthier options are showing a lot of success.


  1. Switzerland

With 152 locations, McDonald’s has a major presence in Switzerland. While rising obesity rates have some worried, most Swiss people can’t seem to argue with the convenience.


  1. Sweden

Sweden’s fast food restaurants keep their customers coming back for more with limited-run menus that are only available for month at a time.


This list should give you an idea of how much people eat fast food around the world. Why do people eat fast food and junk food? Convenience and inexpensive options are always tempting, so hopefully we’ll continue to see both of those with healthier fast food market options in the future.



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