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Secret menus are a huge trend in fast food right now. Some of them are simply menu hacks that clever customers have figured out and shared, while others are actually official secret menu items that restaurants are testing out in certain markets before putting them on their regular menus. Wendy’s is no exception to the rule, and you might be surprised how many items you can find on the Wendy’s secret menu for delicious alternatives to regular menu items that don’t cost a lot and can leave you feeling totally satisfied.

While some other restaurants might have longer lists of secret menu items, the Wendy’s secret menu is short and sweet, consisting of two items that you’ll definitely want to try – the Barnyard Burger and the Meat Cube.

The Barnyard Burger is a pile of chicken, beef, and bacon on a hamburger bun with lettuce, tomato, and cheese. In other words, they took all of the farm animals that they serve on their normal menu, and they piled them up high on a single sandwich for a whole barnyard in every bite. This is probably the most popular of the Wendy’s secret menu items, as it’s incredibly delicious and very filling.

If you’re feeling a little bit more adventurous (and really hungry), though, you might ask for the Meat Cube. This one is a lot like the Suicide Burger from Burger King’s secret menu, as it includes four hamburger patties, which add up to a full pound of beef on a hamburger bun, topped with the works. If you want this one, and you’re not sure how to order from the secret menu, ask politely if you can order a Meat Cube or “Dave’s Hot ‘n Juicy One-Pound Quadruple Burger.”

The Meat Cube is also sometimes called the Grand Slam, so you may want to ask for that if your cashier doesn’t recognize it. However, remember that these are secret menu items and that not all Wendy’s locations will be authorized or prepared to serve them. So always be polite, and if you can’t get anything from the secret menu, go ahead and order your favorite item or combo off of the regular menu.

Have you ever ordered from the secret menu at Wendy’s? What was your experience like? Were you able to finish a whole Meat Cube, or did you need help? Check out our Wendy’s menu prices for the secret menu below, but remember that prices and availability may both vary.

Barnyard Burger

Barnyard Burger

Fear not! This Wendy’s secret menu sandwich is not made with the things you might find in a barnyard. Instead, it is made of bacon, beef and spicy chicken – the critters you might find down on the farm. (although we are not sure what a spicy chi...
Meat Cube

Meat Cube

Ok – so this Wendy’s secret menu entrée is just plain crazy. It is a sandwich (if you can call it that) made up of a pound of beef. That’s right: Four beef patties, plus cheese, plus all the extras like pickles and lettuce and sauces and OMG – how ...

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