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Normally we talk about fast food here at, now it’s time for some healthy stuff. You’ve heard it over and over again – don’t drink your calories! But do you pay attention? Are your beverage decisions getting in the way of your weight loss goals? So many people today pay close attention to their food’s calories and macros, but then they’ll pick up a large soda and gulp down tons of sugar and calories without even thinking about it.

But what’s the alternative? If you listen to some professionals, they’ll tell you that you’re not supposed to drink anything but water if you want to stay healthy and slim. That’s really not true, though. You can enjoy a whole list of tasty beverages that will actually help you lose weight instead of packing it on.

Water With a Twist

First of all, water definitely is the best thing you can drink most of the time to stay hydrated. It doesn’t have any calories, sugar, or anything else for your body to digest, and it absorbs easily into your system to give you the energy you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

That doesn’t mean that it has to be boring and tasteless, though. You can add flavor to your water without adding any calories by dropping a few slices of cucumber, a curl of orange or lemon peel, or even a few mint leaves into a tall icy glass for refreshment that tastes great and keeps you fit and slim.

Natural No-Sugar Lemonade

Get your juicer out and start juicing equal parts lemons and sweet apples. Refrigerate or serve over ice, and you’ll have a healthier, lower-calorie lemonade. If it’s still too tart for your taste, just add more apples and subtract a few lemons.

Green Smoothies

Whether you make them at home or buy them at the store, green smoothies and juices are some of the best sources of vitamins and minerals. Check the ingredients list if you’re buying this one at the store to ensure that it’s only made up of vegetables and fruits, though. If you make it at home, you can experiment with portions of kale, cucumber, celery, lemongrass, and apples.

Unsweetened Iced Tea

If you’re from the south, this is going to sound like blasphemy, but unsweetened iced tea is really incredibly good for you. Not only does it have no sugar, but it also has all of the antioxidants that you find in black tea, along with a little caffeine kick that will give you an energy boost. Plus, if you go for an unsweetened tea, you can give yourself a little wiggle room with other parts of your diet and enjoy some of your fast food favorites like the low KFC menu prices on combos with drinks.

Skim Milk

Women especially can always use more calcium in their diets, but you don’t necessarily need all the fat that you get in a big glass of whole or two-percent milk. Instead, opt for skim milk for a calcium and vitamin D punch that will strengthen your bones and help you stay more active well into your years.

Black Coffee

Finally, we’d never tell you to skip your morning cup of coffee, but we would definitely tell you to skip the cream and sugar. Black coffee by itself will actually help stimulate your body and assist in weight loss, so we recommend weaning yourself off of cream and sweeteners. If you do need something to take the bitter edge off, add some skim milk and honey or another sweetener that’s low in sugar. See this article about the best Fast Food Coffee chains and buy that drink!

And now you have the ultimate list of drinks that will keep you slim and healthy for the rest of your life. They’re all delicious, and some of them will even make you feel like you’re cheating on your diet, but we promise they’re all great for you!

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