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Smarter people plan their day around their coffee breaks, because they know what’s important. The smartest people plan their days around Starbuck’s happy hour because they agree with Starbuck’s, that ‘coffee is life’. Coffee people are Starbuck’s members and they’ve already planned their year around happy Mondays (2-5pm), where they get a whole thirty cents off every dollar spent on Starbuck’s rewards. How do you make your coffee? Drip coffee is very convenient and quick and does make great coffee as long as you start with the grind of your taste and good pure water. Coffee brewers are fine machines in the hands of smart people. Many people feel that pressed coffee is even better than dripped. Coffee that passes through paper may have lost some of it’s piquant natural oil, while pressed coffee is fuller, thicker and richer. But however you prefer to make your coffee. You’d be crazy to miss out on the Starbuck’s menu and happy hour.

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