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Starbuck’s is the largest coffeehouse company in the world, in the States alone there are more than 13,000 Starbuck’s stores. Despite the fact that the first word that springs to mind when we mention Starbuck’s is coffee, there are many other items on any Starbuck’s menu. Most drinks on the Starbuck’s price list are divided into three sizes tall (guess you could call it small), grande (although this is Italian for large, this would actually be the medium size) and venti (large). In some cases the trenta (or extra large) size is also available, but this size is only available for a few drinks.


Starbucks prices are high

Starbucks DrinkStarbuck’s prices are not very low; the cheapest coffee you can get is their Fresh Brewed Coffee, which costs $1.75 for a tall size and $2.25 for a venti. Latte is also reasonably priced at $2.75 for a tall ($3.95 for venti). Things start to get steep when you decide that you want one of their specialties like caramel macchiato, cinnamon dolce latte or white chocolate mocha start at $3.55 for a tall cup and go up to $4.65 for a venti cup. Do not forget to check the Starbucks nutrition information for these respective menu items.

Frappuccino (combination of frappé and cappuccino) is another one of the specialties you can find on any Starbuck’s menu. This drink is made of coffee, blended with ice and topped with whipped cream. The most ordinary tall Frappuccinocosts $2.95, adding any kind of flavor to it (any Starbuck’s menu has Frappuccinos in caramel, mocha and strawberry and cream flavor) raises the price of a tall Frappuccino to $3.75, while a venti sized flavored Frappuccino costs $4.75.


Non-sweet coffees

starbucks-coffeeIf you prefer not to drink your coffee without something sweet on the side, then Starbuck’s menu has a number of options for you. Some are actually so good, that you might actually skip the overpriced coffee and enjoy them on their own. Starbuck’s prices for snacks are slightly more moderate than what they want you to pay for the coffee. The Bountiful Blueberry Muffin is a real treat and costs $2.25. So is a Chocolate Chunk Cookie, which costs $1.95. Some of the larger sandwiches quickly get pricy though. A Turkey Rustico Panini and a Chicken BLT Salad Deli Sandwich may be truly deliciousand filling, but you might wonder all of a sudden when has it become normal to pay $5.95 for a sandwich.

Starbuck’s menu prices are not the lowest around, but with a Starbuck’s store around nearly every corner in any American town it’s nice to know, that at least they’ll always offer you a consistent level of service and quality for the prices you pay.