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KFC LOGOKentucky Fried Chicken (or “KFC” as it is affectionately known today) has been a main-stay of the American fast food industry for over 70 years. Introduced to world in 1955 by the 65 year old retired Colonel Harland Sanders, the franchise has grown from a single location in Kentucky to over 18,000 outlets in 115 countries (and territories) today. The rank of “Colonel” was actually an honorary title bestowed on Mr. Sanders for his culinary contributions to the state, by the Governor of Kentucky. While always adhering to the Colonel’s strict vision of serving the best, tastiest, meals, made with only quality, nutritious ingredients, KFC has also followed their founder’s example of charity and community involvement. Overall the KFC Menu prices are low.

The Kentucky Fried Chicken Foundation was established by KFC to assist Team Members who work hard and wish to receive a better education. Grants and scholarships are available to help aspiring students with their “educational dreams.” To date, more than $12.5 million in grants and scholarships have been given to deserving students.

In addition, though low key about their contributions, KFC is often at the fore-front of natural disasters – not causing them, of course, but assisting hungry people by supplying nutritious, hot meals. The “KFC Feeds” program (part of the Kentucky Fried Chicken Foundation) helps out whenever possible when natural disasters interrupt people’s ability to feed themselves. Delivering food to disaster sites, churches, community centers, or relief organizations, KFC Feeds has donated over 200,000 meals since its 2005 when it was first formed.

Colonel Sanders always insisted on hard work, on taking care of people – on giving them good, tasty food, made with quality ingredients As part of their commitment to being better members of the community, KFC has a active Environmental Program emphasizing responsible use of resources and conservation, and Animal Welfare Program, committed to the humane treatment of animals, and a Supplier Code of Conduct, setting strict guidelines for its US suppliers.