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Rainforest Café is a whimsically themed restaurant where kids and adults can enjoy a delicious dining experience in a rainforest. Each location has been specifically designed to depict (and put you right in the center of) a variety of rainforest features, including waterfalls, lush trees and undergrowth, mists, and a variety of animals. Of course, they don’t have actual rainforest animals living in the themed Rainforest Café locations.

Instead, for added enjoyment for the kids, you’ll find Rainforest Café employees dressed as cartoon-like versions of these animals. They’re here to bring out lava cakes on special occasions, interact with your kids before and during your meal, and generally liven the whole experience up and increase everyone’s enjoyment.

One of the most famous Rainforest Café locations is in Downtown Disney, Orlando, Florida, where you can’t miss it because its exterior is decorated like a large volcano. If you’re visiting the Anaheim, Atlantic City, Niagara Falls, or New York Rainforest Café locations, you’ll find that they’re decorated to look like ruins in a jungle. Wherever you dine at a Rainforest Café, you’ll be led to your table by a Tour Guide instead of a hostess, and then instead of a regular server, you’ll get a Safari Guide to take your order and bring you your food.

What can you expect from the Rainforest Café menu? The regular menu is a mix of American classics, like burgers and fries with a lot of tropical dishes and seafood, too. Depending on how you’re feeling, you can choose between a BBQ bacon cheeseburger, a portabella wrap, Rio’s Reuben, a Philly cheese steak, Caribbean coconut shrimp, the Congo Fish Plate, Tribal Salmon, and much more. Plus, there are also pasta selections, as well, to give you even more variety from the Rainforest Café menu.

And, of course, the Rainforest Café menu also has a special section just for kids, featuring hotdogs, pizza, sliders, grilled chicken, and some healthy and kid-friendly sides like fresh fruit, applesauce, steamed veggies, corn, and mashed potatoes. For dessert, your kids can choose between Tuki’s ice cream sandwich and Lava Mud™, a creamy chocolate pudding dessert with crumbled Oreos® and gummy worm candies. For a full list of Rainforest Café menu prices for both the regular and kids menus, take a look below.

What do you think of the Rainforest Café’s menu prices? Are they reasonable? Do you have a favorite dish that you choose whenever your family dines here? Tell us about it!

Rainforest Cafe Menu

Smoothies & Freezes
Rainforest Character Cup $9,09
Rainforest Ricky $4,39
Rainforest Ricky Freeze $5,09
Brazilian Freeze $5,69
Screamer $5,09
Orangesicle $5,59
Raspberry Lemonade Freeze $5,09
Key Wester $5,59
Strawberry Lemonade $4,09
Rainforest Pita Quesadillas $9,59
Awesome Appetizer Adventure $16,59
Awesome Appetizer Adventure (with a side of St. Louis style pork spareribs) $22,59
Chile Con Queso $8,59
Chile Con Queso (with seasoned ground beef) $10,09
Cheese Sticks $9,09
Lava Nachos $14,09
Spinach & Artichoke Dip $9,39
Chimi-Cha-Cha $9,59
Onion Stack $9,09
Chicken Tenders $10,59
Brave New World Flatbread $10,09
Flying Dragon Pepperoni Flatbread $9,09
Soups & Salads
Tomato Basil Soup $6,39
Seaside Clam Chowder $6,39
Paradise Chopped House Salad $7,09
Little Islander Caesar Salad $7,09
Big Islander Chicken Caesar Salad $15,09
Volcanic Cobb Salad $15,09
Journey Combo $15,09
Ozzie’s Omelette $11,09
Add extra items for only $0,60
Tropical Island Salad $17,09
China Island Chicken Salad $15,09
Sandwiches & Burgers
All burgers and sandwiches are served with your choice of a side.  
Add a Paradise Chopped House Salad, Little Islander Caesar Salad, Seaside Clam Chowder or Tomato Basil Soup $4,09
Rainforest Burger $12,09
Rainforest Burger (with Bacon) $13,09
Rainforest Burger (with sauteed mushrooms) $13,09
BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger $13,09
Guacamole Burger $13,59
The Beastly Burger $15,09
The Beastly Burger (with bacon) $16,09
The Beastly Burger (with sauteed mushrooms) $16,09
Rainforest Natural Burger $12,09
Blue Mountain Chicken Sandwich $13,59
Portabella Wrap $12,09
Chicken Salad Sandwich $12,09
Bamba’s Barbecue Wrap $12,59
Rio’s Reuben $13,59
Philly Cheese Steak $14,09
Tuki’s Turkey Club $14,59
Beef, Pork & Chicken
Add a Paradise Chopped House Salad, Little Islander Caesar Salad, Seaside Clam Chowder or Tomato Basil Soup $4,09
Parmesan Chicken $19,09
Hickory Chicken $18,09
Amazon Fajitas (Beef) $20,09
Amazon Fajitas (Chicken) $19,09
Amazon Fajitas (Combo) $20,09
Flat Iron Steak Combo $20,09
Chicken Fried Chicken $17,09
Paradise Pot Roast $17,59
Mojo Bones $24,09
Ribs, Steak & Shrimp Trio $27,09
Rotisserie Chicken $18,09
Jungle Steak And Shrimp $25,09
Amazon Feast $22,09
Add a Paradise Chopped House Salad, Little Islander Caesar Salad, Seaside Clam Chowder or Tomato Basil Soup $4,09
Caribbean Coconut Shrimp $19,09
Fried Shrimp $19,09
Fish-N-Chips $18,09
Taste Of The Islands $25,09
Tribal Salmon $23,09
Macadamia Crusted Tilapia & Caribbean Coconut Shrimp $23,09
Congo Fish Plate $17,39
Top Off Your Order
Enhance your meal with one or more of our delicious add-on items.  
Add Fried Shrimp $6,09
Add Coconut Shrimp $6,09
Add Onion Rings $4,09
Add Shrimp Scampai $6,09
Add a Paradise Chopped House Salad, Little Islander Caesar Salad, Seaside Clam Chowder or Tomato Basil Soup $4,09
Planet Earth Pasta $16,09
Portofino Pasta $17,09
Portofino Pasta (with shrimp or chicken) $19,09
Tropical Tortellini $17,09
Tropical Tortellini (with grilled chicken) $19,09
Pastalaya $20,09
Rasta Pasta $18,09
Seasonal Vegetables $3,09
Caribbean Rice $3,09
Safari Fries $3,09
Coleslaw $3,09
Red Skinned Mashed Potatoes $3,09
Tri-Color Tortilla Chips $3,09
Sparkling Volcano $15,09
Tribal Cheesecake $8,09
Chocolate Indulgence $10,09
Maya’s Mango Sorbet $7,09
Rainforst Root Beer Float $5,09

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