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Many things have changed during the past decades, but the “finger lickin’ good” secret recipe of Colonel Sanders remained one of the favorites among the Americans of all generations ever since the 1940’s. The tasty chicken made with 11 herbs and spices comes in a number of different combinations on any KFC menu.


KFC Prices

KFC BucketThe KFC menu prices are somewhat different as the KFC price list will vary from location to location, but the cheapest KFC prices can be found on the KFC value menu, where the cheapest items start at $.99 and the most expensive ones like the sensationally good KFC honey BBQ sandwich go up to $2.99.


For families or larger groups the best KFC menu prices will be found in the family meals. The smallest family meal consists of 6 pieces of the KFC signature fried chickenand includes 2 large sides and four biscuits as well. The KFC menu price for this kind of meal ranges from $10.99 to $14.99. But for the truly hungry nothing but the 16-piece meal might be enough, including 16 pieces of the delicious fried chicken as well as 4 large sides and 8 biscuits. This utterly satisfying meal will set you back anywhere from $29.99 to $39.99.


It should be noted that KFC has quite a selection of sides when compared to many other fast food restaurants. Among the best know are the buttery mashed potatoes, which are always served with gravy, another one of the KFC signature tastes. Side items also include mac & cheese, coleslaw, wedges, green beans, corn on the cob and whole kernel corn as well as biscuits make for a nice range of sides that will satisfy any guest coming to one of their restaurant and KFC menu price doesn’t change, no matter which one of the sides you pick.


Last but not least, no overview of the KFC menu would be complete without a couple of their classics. One is the pot pie in which the tasty chicken is joined by peas and carrots in a lovely sauce and covered with a buttery crust. The second is KFC famous bowl made of mashed potatoes, sweet corn, and chicken, topped with gravy.


Whatever your selection will be, KFC menu prices might seem quite expensive, but the legendary taste of Colonel Sanders is sure to make you happy and with KFC hours that usually keep the restaurants open quite late, you are sure to get fed a nice meal whenever you get hungy. Besides, the KFC nutrition information seems positive.