Every culture all over the world has a history of food that can be eaten on the go. From time immemorial, mankind has needed food at times when it is inconvenient to sit down to a home-cooked meal, and have made do with food prepared and kept hot by food vendors strategically placed in street corners. The high-octane life lived in contemporary times has made fast food chains an indispensable part of everyday life, and billion dollar businesses have been built on this need. The foremost fast food chain in the US, and indeed the world, feeding millions of hungry people every day is the McDonalds’ Franchise.


McDonalds Menu

McDonalds Menu itemsWith a whopping 14, 267 outlets in the US, McDonalds maintains its spot as the reigning monarch of fast food with over 150 different dishes on its menu, all prepared fresh and sumptuous every day, at unbeatable prices that its nearest competitors cannot hope to rival. McDonalds has fed generations of Americans and is poised to feed future generations.

The McDonalds menu prices of the various McDonalds offering are many and varied, but all have one thing in common: quality at the right price. Ever since 1948 when McDonalds unveiled the staple of its menu, the hamburger at 15 cents, it has not looked back in providing consistently convenient, fast, quality, not to mention delicious food for the American populace. A favorite is the $1menu, which is available for the Breakfast menu, and the Dollar menu which is also available throughout the day. In these days of increasing economic crunch McDonalds has remained consistent in its provision of quality fare at pocket-friendly prices.

The McDonalds’ menu has something for everyone, and every pocket. For many customers, it’s an easy thing to check the $1 menu price and the Extra Value Meal price for what they need, and in almost all instances they are not disappointed, because they find great value at an affordable price. The veggie and fruit lover are not left out. The McDonalds salad menu evolves so quickly, more and more options are available to the customer. Also on offer are various fruit smoothies to round out a satisfying, finger-licking experience.

To cap it all, McDonalds has gone to great lengths to bring its golden arches as close as possible to its customers. With 13 McDonalds outlet per every square mile, there is a McDonald’s for every 22, 174 citizens of the USA. Mind blowing, isn’t it?