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Are you looking for KFC Locations across the States? Below you can easily search for all KFC restaurant locations and hours by state or by major city. Simply click the state or city you are searching in and we display all the KFC opening hours and locations.

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  1. Tues, March 15th I went there with my Brother around 2:00. We each got the little order, mashed pot’s w/gravy, cole slaw, 2 LITTLE pieces of chicken and a biscuit..At around 5:30 I got very sick My stomach began to hurt. I got sharp pains in my lower abdomen . Never had them like that before in my life. Then my upper stomach..Pain..doubled over. Went to the bathroom and yes, diarrhea. The pain came every 20 minutes and I was in the bathroom 5 times with, ya know what!

    That same night, at around 8:30, you know, that build up of saliva in your mouth telling you it’s time to lean over the toilet!!? Yes, I threw up. But I was very happy I did ! I burped a lot all night long.. I told my son about the pain and he said it was probably the chicken and I agreed. Earlier he took a little piece of what I brought home and said it was very greasy so he put it back. Which of course I tossed out. All night long I had pain..in my stomach and lower abdomen..very sharp intense pains until I finally fell asleep from pure exhaustion and had enough diarrhea. Felt a little ‘chilly’ so I covered up a little xtra than normal.

    When I woke up Wed. morning, more lower pain and more diarrhea. I stayed on a water diet. Had pain all morning every hour, the afternoon some every once in a while but not as severe. On the couch most of the day. Horrible!

    I was going to email my Brother, but changed my mind, in case it was just me, my stomach and my meal.. hoping he didn’t get sick too. We had made plans to get together on Thurs. But, he sent me an email Wed. saying he couldn’t come over Thursday because::well, here’s his email..

    “Yesterday after I got home I had a bout of diarrhea. It’s hard to be positive about the cause. I thought I might have been effected by traces of gluten from the KFC chicken. I felt an almost immediate loss of energy. A while later I took Pepto Bismal because I heard more noise and my stomach didn’t feel like it should. This morning I could hardly get out of bed, like my body wasn’t strong enough to raise myself up. I was able to sit up and from there things got gradually better. I haven’t had diarrhea today and so far my stomach feels ok. But not all my strength is back. I would still like to fix your faucet, but would like to wait until Monday if you can wait that long. I guess I won’t be eating at KFC again.”

    My Brother avoids gluten so he took the crust off of his chicken.. I ate my crust. That could be why I got sicker.? Doesn’t matter, it shouldn’t have happened! How many others ate from the same batch as us?? I wrote back to my Brother and told him every thing that happened with me and here’s his reply..

    “Wow! You got hit ten times worse than me. I didn’t have nausea or throw up. I think the pathogens were mostly in the skin and breading. I took all the breading and skin off my chicken before I ate it. Anyway, no more KFC is right. I always feel a bit uneasy when eating out anyway, especially small, fast food places or small time Asian food restaurants. Let me know how you feel tomorrow.”

    So, here it is Thursday and as I’m writing this..here comes the pain..lower abdomen. Not as bad but, it ain’t over yet!! Needless to say, Never Again will I eat at a Kentucky Fried Chicken..Just a bad batch? Isolated? Doesn’t matter, I’m not taking a chance with my body..with Salmonella Poisoning even being a remote possibility.


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