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At Moe’s they have not forgotten that kids also need to enjoy Mexican food in the healthiest way possible, explaining why they have a good children menu where kids can enjoy good Mexican dishes.

Moe’s was started in the year 2000 and besides being fairly new in the market, has grown to have over 700 locations in the US and abroad. The MOE in the name stand for Musicians, Outlaws and Entertainers, explaining why the restaurants feature music in their background. Their menu, and kids menu, names are also funny and inspired by pop culture.

Moe’s Kids Menu for 2019

Kids Live Well– this is a healthy kids’ meal. It comes in three variations served with chicken, tofu or steak. The other ingredients in each of the variants are pinto beans, rice and a side of black beans. The beverage offered is apple juice.

Power Wagon– the power wagon is the kid sized hard or soft Taco. It is served with chicken or 100% ground beef with shredded cheese and lettuce. The kids also get free salsa and chips. The taco provides about 345 calories.

Mini Masterpiece–this meal contains a kid-sized cheese quesadilla served in an 8” flour tortilla. Your kid also gets a free cookie, drink, chips and salsa. The cheese quesadilla provides your kids with 475 calories.

MooMoo Mr. Cow– this is the kid sized burrito served with all-natural adobo chicken or 100% ground beef and seasoned rice, beans and shredded cheese. The burrito provides anywhere from 495 calories. All the meals in the menu come with a free kid-sized drink, free salsa, chips and a cookie.

When are Moe’s Kids Eat Free Offers?

In the participating Moe’s restaurants, you will get a free kids meal for every adult entrée meal you purchase every Tuesday. The offer starts from 4.00 – 8.00 pm. The free kid’s meal also comes with a kid-sized drink, salsa, chips and cookie for free.

The Moe’s Kid’s Menu Prices

The portions in the kids menu are considerable enough for all kids aged 12 years and below. They also offer freebies that make the dish exciting for your children. The salsa for the kids is freshly made every day and the hotness is varied to suit your children’s taste buds but usually it is not hot. Here are the kid’s menu prices you will have to pay on a regular in most Moe’s restaurants.

Kids Live well (chicken or tofu) – $4.00

Kids live well (steak) – $4.50

Power Wagon – $4.00

MooMoo Mr. Cow – $4.00

Mini Masterpiece – $4.99

Before you pop into your local Moe’s restaurants for your kid’s eat free Tuesdays ensure that you check first if your local Moe restaurant participates in this offer. Moe’s restaurants use more than 20 ingredients to make their food flavorful.

The company’s meals are also handcrafted fresh every time so you can be sure that you are having a fresh meal made just for you and your kids.

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