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Here on Fastfoodmenuprice.com we noticed it’s a pretty exciting time for the fast food industry. Customers are demanding healthy fast food options, and the industry is listening. As a result, we’re seeing a lot of really incredible new fast food trends that you’re going to absolutely love. Check out a few of the tastiest and healthiest things coming to a fast food chain near you.

More International Fast Food in the US

First of all, in addition to our old favorites, we can expect a lot of new healthy fast food options coming to the US in the next year. Famed Japanese noodle house chain Wagamama has already opened a location in Boston and is set to debut in New York City in the coming year.

Healthier Options

Just a few years ago, if you wanted something healthy at a fast food restaurant, you were stuck with a pretty pitiful salad and not much else. Today, though, almost ever fast food chain now has easily accessible nutritional information on all of their menu items, along with a lot of healthy fast food options that will leave your mouth watering.

All-Day Breakfast Menus

McDonald’s is leading the charge with this one, and it’s pretty exciting for anyone who’s ever gotten there just after they stopped serving their delicious McDonald’s breakfast menu. We expect more and more restaurants in the fast food industry to follow suit and start offering breakfast all day, every day.

These are just a few of our favorite fast food trends. In the coming year, you can also expect to see more low-carb fast food menu options, as well as more low-sodium fast food, too. We also expect to see more locally sourced ingredients and more options for people who want to eat clean, as well. Check out our fast food menu prices for more information.

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