There is nothing guaranteed to make parents lose their appetite faster than a bored child who is picking at his food. McDonalds has shown its commitment to family, especially young children pre-teens by designing a meal guaranteed to tempt even the most intractable appetite.

The Happy Meal has been sold in McDonalds since June 1979, and the more recent addition to the menu of the McDonalds’ Mighty Kids’ Meal, which was designed with adolescents in mind and introduced in 2001, makes McDonalds the first to recognise that to win with kids, an adventurous, fun-loving spirit is essential. Mealtimes do not have to be boring. The kids of that time had fun and looked forward to an encore of a McDonalds’ meal, and now have the greater pleasure of introducing their own children to the fun they had way back then.



The McDonalds’ Happy Meal, and its counterpart the Mighty Kids Meal come in a lunch-box sized pack, and the kids have a choice of either hamburger, cheeseburger or chicken nuggets with kid fries, apple slices, or salad, and a choice of either fruit juice, a milkshake or yoghurt. Hidden in the box also is a premium toy. The meals are designed with strict adherence to calorific value and also to promote a healthy lifestyle from a tender age. The kids also have all the fun of starting a collection of great toys which can only be found in a McDonalds’ Happy Meal box.

Like all McDonalds menu prices, the Happy Meal comes at an affordable price. Priced at $4 on the average, parents are able to provide a unique meal put together specifically for their children, while they enjoy their own meal with no anxieties about the kids’ lackluster appetite.

McDonalds is very hands-on with kids, and everything is done to stay in tune with the world of children. The packaging’s in many instances promote family-oriented movies, and over the years the toys have increased in sophistication to keep up with the latest cartoon movies and superheroes.

The McDonalds’ Happy Meal is an exceptional feature on the McDonald’s menu list, guaranteed to keep children and their parents coming to McDonalds, providing promptly prepared, yummy, and affordable meals. It’s a win-win situation all round: parents get to feed their children more effectively and the kids can pass a pleasant mealtime that in no way detracts from having fun at the same time.