McDonalds is a name synonymous not only with mouth-watering food but also great value for money. For over 75 years, patrons of McDonalds have come to count on quality fast food at affordable prices, and the franchise prides itself on the provision of its consistently lower prices which in no way compromises value and which leaves its competitors craning their necks and wondering how they do it.

A prominent deal in the McDonalds menu is the McDonalds $1 breakfast menu. The increasingly harsh economic climate makes a tight budget imperative for the average American, but with McDonalds’ outlet around that is no reason not to start the day with a delicious breakfast which manages to combine convenience, good taste and great value to boot.



Available in McDonalds’ restaurant all over the US, until 11am, a typical $1 breakfast meal consists of your choice of entrée, hash browns and a small coffee. Who says you have to tighten your belt just because your pocket is lean? Also available for $1 is the Sausage McMuffin, fruit and yoghurt Parfait and the breakfast Burrito, to mention a few.

The McDonalds experience, as I like to call it, consistently delivers on value. What it offers for $1 is unbeatable by any of its competitors. It eases the mind to know that with little money one need not scrimp on the most important meal of the day.

The McDonalds menu prices, which you may order a la carte or as a meal too, is pocket-friendly. The most expensive item on the list is the big breakfast with hot cakes, valued at $5.19. The average pricing of the breakfast menu is $3.50, prices which can’t be beaten anywhere else. It is no wonder that the path to the McDonalds in every neighborhood is a well-worn path and is likely to remain so for many more generations.

To top it all off, apart from the great food and the matchless service delivery one can count on from the McDonalds’ staff, there is the added attraction of the free wifi available in the various McDonalds’ restaurants. That alone is guaranteed to convince youngsters that they have found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. At McDonalds, there’s no reason why you can’t have your cake and eat it too: great food at a price which makes little or not dent on your wallet.