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When you think of the McDonald’s menu, you probably don’t immediately think of the word “healthy”. However, like a lot of fast food and fast-casual restaurants, McDonald’s has been paying a lot of attention to the nutritional values on their menu over the past few years. So, if you’re short on time and can’t afford to spend a lot of money on a healthy meal, you can actually eat surprisingly well at McDonald’s…if you know what to order.


Grilled Sweet Chili Chicken WrapFor example, if you order a Premium Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken, and you choose the low-fat balsamic vinaigrette, you can also add a fruit and yogurt parfait as a great side. The results? You get a delicious meal that consists of only 375 calories with 9.5 grams of fat, and only four of those grams are saturated. Pretty impressive, right?


The Grilled Sweet Chili Chicken Wrap is another nutritionist-approved McDonald’s menu item. It has slightly more calories than a salad and parfait, but it’s actually very nutrient-dense and will leave you feeling full. You’ll need to switch out the fries for a salad or a side of fruit, though.


If you’re dying for fries, you don’t always have to cut those out, either. Instead, get a four-piece order of Chicken McNuggets and a small order of fries. Then you can supplement it with a small cup of yogurt and a piece of fruit, and you’ll have a full meal that has less than 500 calories.


Premium Southwest SaladYou can even eat healthy at McDonald’s if you’re a vegetarian. Just go with the Premium Southwest Salad with no chicken. Then, for a little bit of a boost, order a side of cuties and a medium sized nonfat latté. This whole combo has only 350 calories, and it boasts a full 21 grams of protein, too.


If you’re craving a burger, you can actually order one without completely blowing your diet, too. Just go for a regular burger instead of a Big Mac, and substitute a salad with low-fat vinaigrette dressing instead of the fries. And, instead of a sugary soda, just order a cup or bottle of water.


These are just a few of the healthiest options you can choose from McDonald’s today. You can find more items that will fit your diet on the McDonald’s website, as well, on their “Favorites Under 400” page, which lists all of the McDonald’s menu items you can get with fewer than 400 calories.


What’s your healthy plan when you go to McDonald’s?

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