The Ultimate Guide To Hacking the Subway Secret Menu

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While most Subway customers are satisfied ordering off the regular menu, truly savvy consumers know about the specials deals that can only be found on the Subway secret menu. Sure, you can do what most patrons do:  build  your  favorite sandwich from the ground up,  starting with your  basic sub (usually identified by the type of meat: ham, roast beef, chicken, cold cuts, meatballs, steak, turkey or  tuna) and then adding the cheese and toppings. Or you can go with something off the regular Subway menu. But what if you could get more? Let us show you how you can order these secret menu items at all Subway locations.


One of the best kept secrets of the Subway secret menu is that you can have a lot more toppings than the ones your server gives you. We are not talking variety – we are talking quantity.  While a sprinkling of onions  or a dab of mayo is is good, if you want more, simply ask for more. There is no additional cost. Ask for more of everything – until you are satisfied. This is true at all locations. Subway is not tying to be mean – they just start with the minimum and hope that will be enough for you.

Old Cut

This is not so much a secret menu item as a special way of constructing your sandwich. It should be “available” in all locations. Subway used to cut their sandwiches on the top, so that everything stayed in better and did not slide out when you were trying to eat and drive. Or eat and walk. Some people say that their sandwiches taste better this way. Certainly it works better with hot subs like a meatball or steak sub. When ordering, ask your sever to make your sandwich using the “old cut” and then you be the judge.

Pizza Sub

You won’t find this Subway secret menu on the regular menu. It was a regular menu item for a while, and with good reason. It’s really good. But you can still ask for it by name, and it is available in all locations. It is essentially a pepperoni pizza on a toasted Subway roll. Or, put another way, it’s tons of pepperoni, cheese, tomato sauce and whichever toppings you want on a toasted roll. We suggest shredded mozzarella when ordering this Subway secret menu item. It melts the best.

Wing Effect

Once again, for true artists of the sandwich, this Subway secret menu “item” is a matter of construction, rather than a delectable sandwich. Truly refined customers can ask for the “wing effect” when ordering certain sandwiches. This means that the meat is left hanging over the bread, like a wing. That way, you get to munch on the “innards” first. It’s not for everyone, of course. Only genuine aficionados of the sandwich are brave (or fussy) enough to use this secret menu trick. It is available in all locations, but only for the truly enlightened.