The Secret Menu at Starbucks

Not many people know it, but there is a Secret Menu at Starbucks. Oops! Now that we have told you, the secret menu for Starbucks is not a secret anymore. Rats. Now we have to kill you. Just kidding! But honestly, the truth about the Starbucks menu “secret” is that you don’t have to order off the menu. Really. You can concoct your favorite Frappuccino or Latte with the ingredients you want. Some people even print out their secret menu Starbucks drink recipe and hand it to the barista. No confusion here – just a yummy drink!

Everybody knows about the Secret Menu at Starbucks

Cotton Candy Frappuccino
Cotton Candy Frappuccino

According to the Huffington Post, everybody knows about the secret menu at Starbucks – including, of course, the baristas. So, if you feel like ordering a Butter-beer Latte (yuck) at the drive-through, your barista should know the correct “secret menu for Starbucks drinks” ingredients. The Cotton Candy Frappuccino should not be a mystery to them, but, if it is, flash them the menu on your smart phone. In no time at all, you will be enjoying a wonderful “secret” drink that no one else in line has ever heard of.

Of course, there is nothing to prevent the consumer from inventing their own Starbucks menu secret drink. Many new and exciting drinks at the coffee giant have come from being aware to the clientele and the cultural needs/preferences of their customers. Starbucks patrons in China, for example, have a much larger choice of green tea items from which to choose, while, in Switzerland, chocolate is a major ingredient.

If your Starbucks has the ingredients on hand, they will be able to create any drink from the so-called Starbucks secret menu. The Captain Crunch Frappuccino or the Kit Kat Cappuccino may not be on the reader-board, but just ask and they will whip one up for you.

Some other interesting drinks from Starbucks locations around the world are:

  • Toffee Mocha (Canada)
  • Crème Brûlée Macchiato (UK)
  • Red Bean Cream Frappuccino ( South Korea) – a Frappuccino topped with granola and red bean paste
  • Lavender Earl Gray Tea Latte (Japan)
  • Stracciatella Frappuccino (Switzerland) – Frappuccio blended with chocolate chunk gelato – OMG!

You can always ask for any of the above listed drinks, or any other drink that might “appear” on the secret menu at Starbucks. If they have the ingredients, they will make it for you. If not, try your own combinations.

Starbucks gets to know you


One of the advantages of ordering from the Starbucks secret menu, aside from looking super-cool, is that the barista’s will get to know you and start making your special drink the moment you walk in the door. By the time you get to the cash-register, your special drink will be waiting for you.

By using your imagination, you may even create Starbuck’s next big drink item. Certainly most US consumers would have thought of making a Frappuccino with chocolate chunk gelato. But if you had that available, wouldn’t you want one? So – think outside the box (or the cup). Add some regional flair to your order. Who knows – something you invent might become a secret menu item at Starbucks, and coffee-drinkers worldwide will be thanking you for your creativity.

Meta: Not many people know it, but there is a Secret Menu at Starbucks. Oops! Now that we have told you, the secret menu for Starbucks is not a secret anymore.