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Folks   who love The Olive Garden for their scrumptious Italian dishes will be happy to know that they have an Olive Garden secret menu available to them.  Just because something is not listed as a regular menu item, that does not mean that you cannot order it.  In many cases, things that you thought were only “seasonal” dishes are really still around. You just won’t see them on the regular Olive Garden menu.  Most of the Olive Garden secret menu items can be found in all Olive Garden locations. All you have to do is ask for them. Well tell you what you can get, where you can get it, and how to order.

Sampler Italiano

Olive Garden Secret menu Sampler Italiano


You can order the Sampler Italiano at any Olive Garden, but did you know that you can get some extra perks if you order off of the Olive Garden secret menu? The secret is that you can order your Sampler your way. You can ask your server to customize your sampler with your favorite ingredients. Or you can ask for double portions of something – like double calamari, or double ravioli. Because you know about the Olive Garden secret menu, you now know that you can order your Sampler Italiano any way you want it. It is available in all locations, so be creative.

Stuffed Ravioli

Stuffed Ravioli Olive garden secret menu

Here again is a tip from the Olive Garden secret menu: Just because it says that are serving one type of ravioli on the Olive Garden menu, that doesn’t mean that you need to limit yourself to the listed menu items. You can always ask your server to substitute chicken for the sausage or whatever in your ravioli. Or you can ask them for seafood ravioli. If the ravioli has not been pre-made, they can make the substitution for you. It is available in all locations – and this secret menu option is limited only by the ability of the kitchen to make the changes.

Vegetarian options and Modifications

Vegetarian options and Modifications

While there are many Olive Garden menu items that are meatless, if you order from the Olive Garden secret menu, you can have more variety and enjoy your meal more. If you see a particular dish that you would like to try, then ask your server if you can have the dish without the shrimp (or chicken or beef…). As most Olive Garden menu items are constructed when they are ordered, you will probably be pleasantly surprised as to the number of additional dishes that are available to you. This Olive Garden secret menu option works in all locations.

Extra sauce, less cheese

You will not find this Olive Garden secret menu “tip” on any of the regular Olive Garden menus, but it is a dining option for you nonetheless. If you want to have extra sauce on your dish, feel free to ask for it. You can even have an extra side of sauce. Usually for free. And if you feel like you’d like to have the chef go light on the cheese (maybe you’re dieting, or you just like your pasta that way) you can ask for that as well. This is an option that is available at every restaurant. Just let your server know your preference.

Zeppole Dipping Sauces

Olive Garden Secret Menu Zeppole Dipping Sauces


Ok – we probably should not be telling you about this one at all. You won’t thank us. But you know those wonderful little dessert pastries that you can order – the Zeppoles? With the chocolate dipping sauce? That taste sooo good and you just want to eat them until you burst? Well, if you know about the Olive Garden secret menu, then you know that you can get other dipping sauces as well. Like raspberry. Or other flavors. You just have to ask your server. Who knows how many different sauces they have? We don’t. Sorry. We shouldn’t have said anything.