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In 1969, Jim Patterson decided that he needed to introduce Fish and Chips to the good people of Lexington, Kentucky. He had just been to the coast, and he thought that everyone deserved to have that great seafood treat that is so beloved in so many parts of the world.

Now Long John Silver’s offers delicious seafood (and chicken) to happy diners in over 1200 locations worldwide. Long John Silver’s menu includes fish and chicken dishes. But don’t think you can only get fish and chips when you walk in the door.

There are fish tacos, platters with shrimp, calamari and fish filets, chicken and fish combos, and entire meals. Long Johns Silver’s menu prices are conducive to family dining and feeding everyone on a budget.

In addition, you can feel good about supporting the franchise as Long John Silver’s is dedicated to sustainably harvested seafood. Long John Silver’s prices will make everyone happy, the food will make you smile, and, if you want, you can even ring the Captain’s bell on the way out!

Long John Silver’s Prices

2 Fish & 6 Shrimp$8,69
2 Fish & 3 Chicken$8,69
2 Fish, Chicken & 3 Shrimp$8,69
Super Sampler$8,69
2 Fish$6,79
3 Chicken$6,79
Fish & 2 Chicken$7,09
8 Shrimp$7,39
2 Chicken$6,29
2 Fish$6,49
Fish & Chicken$6,39
6 Shrimp$7,09
Family Meals
16 Pcs., 4 Family Sides & 16 Hushpuppies$36,09
12 Pcs., 3 Family Sides & 12 Hushpuppies$28,09
8 Pcs., 2 Family Sides & 8 Hushpuppies$22,09
Classic Chicken & Cranberry Salad$4,89
Seafood Salad$4,89
Fish Sandwich$3,59
Fish Sandwich – Combo$5,59
2 Fish Tacos$4,08
2 Fish Tacos – Combo$6,09
Chicken Sandwich$3,59
Chicken Sandwich – Combo$5,59
Seafood Salad Sandwich$4,09
Seafood Salad Sandwich – Combo$6,09
Soup Bowls
Creamy Broccoli Cheese$3,39
New England Clam Chowder$3,39
Hook 2$0,10
Salad, Sandwich or Soup$7,09
Seafood Favorites
Popcorn Shrimp Basket$5,69
Sampler Basket$5,79
Clams Basket$5,09
Green Beans – Individual$1,89
Green Beans – Family$4,09
Sweet Corn – Individual$1,89
Sweet Corn – Family$4,09
Cole Slaw – Individual$1,89
Cole Slaw – Family$4,09
Onion Rings – Individual$1,89
Onion Rings – Family$4,09
Natural-Cut Fries – Individual$1,89
Natural-Cut Fries – Family$4,09
Rice – Individual$1,89
Rice – Family$4,09
Hushpuppies – Individual$1,89
Hushpuppies – Family$4,09
Broccoli – Individual$1,89
Broccoli – Family$4,09
Mac N Cheese – Individual$1,89
Mac N Cheese – Family$4,09
3 Shrimp$2,29
Popcorn Shrimp$2,49
2 Fish Strips$1,39
Kid’s Meals
Popcorn Shrimp$4,09
Soft DrinkSmall$1,79
Soft DrinkMedium$1,99
Soft DrinkLarge$2,19
Tea1/2 Gallon$2,59
Raspberry Splash, Tea, Lemonade or Sierra Mist20 oz.$1,89
Slice of Pie (Pineapple Cream Cheese)$2,09
Slice of Pie (Chocolate Cream)$2,09
Fish Strips5 Pc.$3,29
Fish Strips – Combo$5,29
Alaskan Cod Combo$6,59
10 Fish Strips, 6 Chicken, 2 Family Sides & 10 Hushpuppies$16,09
Baked Meals
2 Cod Meal$7,39
2 Cod & 6 Shrimp Platter$9,09
3 Cod Meal$8,59
8 Baked Shrimp$7,39
Baked Cod$7,39
Baked Cod & Shrimp Platter$9,09

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