Why You Shouldn’t Care About Eating A Big Mac

A few weeks ago we published an Infographic describing “What happens one hour after eating a Big Mac”. Thousands of people read it and commented on it. Most of you guys don’t mind that a Big Mac isn’t that healthy. And you know what, you shouldn’t mind as long as you don’t make a habit out of eating Big Macs on a regular basis. Just as most of you, we indulge in a Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, Double Whopper with cheese once in a while. Sure, all the burgers contain a lot of fat but that adds to the great taste, right?


Among the comments, there were hundreds of funny ones. We didn’t want you guys to miss out on them so we summarized some of the ones we liked most in an Infographic. Share your favorite comment with us!

Why You Shouldn’t Care About What Happens An Hour After Eating A Big Mac (according to our readers)

Why you shouldnt care about eating a big mac

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