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Specializing in hand-crafted, made to order burgers, Five Guys have identified over 250,000 different ways to order a hamburger, plus they have a Five Guys Secret Menu.  So that would be more than 250,000 different ways to order a burger. Wouldn’t it?  With fresh ingredients, handmade fries, and only fresh ground beef, all Five Guys burgers are  guaranteed to be made just the way you want them.  And now, with these new “secret” goodies that are not on the regular Five Guys menu, you can enjoy even more deliciousness. These secret menu items are available at limited Five Guy locations, and we’ll tell you how to order them. Just not where to find them.

Cheese Fries

We are not sure why this is only available on the Five Guys secret menu – maybe because they are so good that the Five Guys are afraid that once you taste them, you won’t want the regular menu items (like the regular or Cajun fries). And that may also be why you can’t get them at all locations – even if you ask nicely. What are Cheese fries, you ask? It’s an order of regular fries with cheese melted on top. Real cheese – not that cheese sauce stuff. They cost a bit more, but they are sooo good. Ask for them by name.

Double Grilled Cheese Burger

Let me see if we can describe this Five Guys secret menu entrée. Basically, it’s two beef patties that are carefully placed between two grilled cheese sandwiches. And, in reality, you can ask for as many burger patties as you like to be added to the grilled cheese “buns”. It is only available in limited locations. To order, ask for it by name. If you receive a blank look, ask for two grilled cheese sandwiches, and then ask them to put as many hamburger patties as you like in the middle. Maybe after they’ve made yours, they will put it on the regular menu!

Patty Melt

This Five Guys secret menu burger is a lot like the Double Grilled Cheese Burger. The good news is it is available at all locations, so you don’t have to do any negotiating. Or explain how to make it. It is a Grilled Cheese sandwich (on buns, not bread) with a juicy hamburger patty in the middle. Or two. Or three. Whatever floats your boat. The only difference is that it’s on only one Grilled Cheese sandwich. You can, of course, add all the free toppings that you want to make this a super scrumptious meal.

Well Done Fries

Even though Five Guys have some of the best fries in the business, this Five Guys secret menu side dish goes one better. Have you ever had a nice order of hot French fries and wished they could be just a little crispier – a little crunchier? Well, at Five Guys all you have to do is ask. When you order their regular or Cajun fires – both of which appear as regular menu items, just ask them to make them “well done.” Since this means that they will have to make a special order of fries just for you, it is only available at limited locations.