Does this really happen after you eat a Halloween Burger?

In our infographic about the Big Mac, we said that it can take up to three days to fully digest a Big Mac. I think Burger King was jealous of all the attention McDonald’s was getting, because the chain appears to have taken digestion to a whole new level with its new Halloween Burger.

Burger King Halloween Wopper














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It’s all in the name, but the scariest thing about the Halloween Burger is what happens after you eat it.


Burger lovers who eat this new burger are reporting some unexpected side effects. It seems that after eating a Halloween Burger your poo comes out…wait for it…GREEN! Say what? Yep, khaki green!


At the time of writing, Burger King has not yet confirmed if its Halloween Burger was meant to do this or if it is an unexpected side effect.


We’re not going to ask you guys to share your experiences with us for this one. Enough people shared it on twitter using #greenpoo.

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